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UncategorizedUncategorized"The stories were well-written and interesting, sometimes taking the alternative universe to the extreme (or absurd), which is just how I like it!" --Kiwiria

"readers looking for something new will appreciate the variety of the collection"

"It’s a prickly, bracing read that walks a fine line between bleakness and pragmatism" -- Athena Andreadis, Astrogator’s Logs

Collection of darkly humorous stories previously published in magazines such as Adbusters and Apex Digest of Science Fiction and Horror.

Peroxide Head is "...powerful and distinctly poignant." --The Fix

Zara Gets Laid is "...told with great verve and good humor." --M-Brane SF
Let Vengeance Be All MineLet Vengeance Be All MineBonita Holmes has faced many trials and tribulations in her life. When the person she depended on the most was killed in a senseless murder. Bonita retreats into the arms of a smooth "Investment Banker" named Claude Davenport and into a life of crime and passion. Bonita is still feeling her best friend's murder in a bad way and goes into a tailspin of crimes. Her crime spree turns into one of the grisliest murders the State of Virginia has ever seen. She must use her wits to stay free and keep the man she loves.
Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle, Forest BabiesPetit Collage Beginner Puzzle, Forest BabiesProgressive puzzles grow with kids. As preschoolers master the 3 piece puzzle, they then progress to the 4 piece, 5 piece and 6 piece puzzles. Four puzzles included in each set. Easy slide box allows for quick clean-up. Packaging and box made with 80-percent recycled content. Printed with vegetable based inks. Conforms to CPSIA and US ASTM standards. Ages 3+.
Quality Twa546ddlex Case Cover With Uncategorized Mikekush Blog Nice Appearance Compatible With Iphone 5cQuality Twa546ddlex Case Cover With Uncategorized Mikekush Blog Nice Appearance Compatible With Iphone 5chello there, your cute cell phone case! our new soft tpu skin case cover for iphone 5c features a worldwide loved design! this innovative skin protects with funky fresh function. lightweight and durable tpu feel provides improved non-slip grip to make sure your iphone stays in your hands. snap out it, don't let your iphone go bare any longer, and accessorize with the case today!
Pattern-drafting for Fashion: DrapingPattern-drafting for Fashion: DrapingDraping is an art without rules as such, but to master it, you must understand the relationship of fabric to the body. It allows for freedom of garment design, and the opportunity to create customised clothing. Pattern-drafting for Fashion: Draping is the definitive guide to draping techniques and pattern design.

Understanding grainlines and the effect they have, on not only the drape of the fabric and seams when being stitched, but also the stretch and therefore fit of a garment, is essential. Then you need to understand the complicated task of how to transfer your draping into pattern form. Once removed from the stand, you will need to know how to put the garment back together, and how to make adjustments to the pattern that won't alter your idea, but will work when you actually stitch it up.

This book contains key chapters on understanding fabrics, grainlines and bias cutting, translating designs into patterns, making adjustments, constructing the lining, and finishing with zips, buttons and buttonholes.

Pattern-drafting for Fashion:Draping is about problem solving and provides a complete guide to how to how to achieve fantastic draping techniques and adapt these to the crafting of perfect patterns.
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