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Uncategorized (The UnSeen on Security Cameras Book 7)Uncategorized (The UnSeen on Security Cameras Book 7)The UnSeen on Security Cameras - Uncategorized, is a colorized excerpt taken from The UnSeen on Security Cameras. I am providing this book as I have come to realize that many people prefer to see the colorized unedited images which feature this form of the UnSeen.

These colorized and unaltered photos were taken at my home. Yes, I do wish that I had kept that deck uncluttered...who knew that I was going to write this book? I sure did not. Nonetheless, the static backgrounds will work to your advantage - as you go through the photos it will be easier to see the subtle objects that could otherwise be missed.

Visit "The UnSeen on Security Cameras" for a full view of the unedited and uncolorized images of the Uncategorized as well as Orbs, Space Worms, Wisps, and Fog section.

CT Opal-Tompkins
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Paw Prints in the SandPaw Prints in the SandPrequel to Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished
Love is a strong word signifying different things to different people.  It is the relationship between man and woman, parent and child, siblings or friends. To many, it is the soulful bond between dog and its human.
Chelsea and Anthony were elated when they adopted Sugar and Spice, a male and a female retriever.  The shelter attendant assured them that the female had been spayed, but the male needed to get neutered.   When Sugar went for a checkup, they discovered otherwise; Sugar was pregnant. 
So, when Sugar actually gave birth, finding the perfect owner for each puppy was arduous, but finding an owner for the last pup was downright heart wrenching.  The last pup had just recovered from various health issues and had been nursed back to health by Chelsea.  She had been in her care for six months--just enough time for Chelsea and her to form a powerful bond.
Alas, it was time to find the pup her forever home.  Chelsea rejected many of the pursuers. None were good enough.
But on that warm summer afternoon, the seemingly perfect couple fit the bill. With tears in her eyes, Chelsea handed them the pup, the one she loved as if it were her own daughter. The one she secretly named Foxy.
Two years later, she received a phone call from the veterinarian. A loose dog was found and the microchip led them to Chelsea. It was only then that she discovered Foxy hadn't been given a good home after all.  They had unknowingly handed her to the owners of a puppy mill. 
As if a knife had been driven through her heart, Chelsea had a choice to make.  One that would make things right, as they should've been from the beginning. One that would change their lives forever.
A moving love story of sorts that demonstrates the unbreakable bond  and sustainable love between dogs and humans.

A fictional novella.
*A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal rescue.
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